SPEICK philosophy

Ecology, regionality and humanity

Our economic actions focus on implementing capable, dedicated company management, a transparent company structure with defined responsibilities, as well as balanced financial resources and marked economic performance with financial objectives.

Since respect for ecology helps maintain our livelihood, our business objective is to protect life-supporting elements such as earth, air, water and light and to use them as carefully and sustainably as possible.

Energy, emissions and waste also need to be managed in a responsible, sustainable manner in line with current progress. We have to pay equal attention to the matter of preserving raw material resources.

Social engagement is very important to us and is a focal point of our business. In this area, the premise is “being human and continuing to develop oneself”. Every person is treated as an individual and is fundamental to the work process.

The rights and concerns of the workforce are presented to mana-gement via employee representatives. The works community takes care of the well-being and safety of each individual.

When selecting our business partners, we place great value on fair trade and regionality. Pricing must match the quality of our products. Transport distances and the ecological balance are also important deciding factors.

By adopting these strategies, we are able to create consumer confidence, which in turn enables us to ensure the long-term profitability of our company and brand values for future generations.

The SPEICK brand therefore stands for all these values and chara-cteristics. All of our products reflect the results of our awards. A high percentage of our products have also been awarded ratings by the magazine ?KO-Test and carry the BDIH seal for certified natural cosmetics.

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