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Again and again we are reporting of current events through our Company and send Mailings at random intervals.

If you are interested, please let us know. We include your contact, exclusively for this purpose, in our mailing list.


Caterina Graziosa
Holger Maier
Rainer Sch?ll

Customer Service:

Sylvia Klink

Exports to Spain, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy,
Belgium, Finland, Greece, France:

Caterina Graziosa

Exports to Austria, the Netherlands,
Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy:

Rainer Sch?ll

Exports to New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, Canada, USA,
Israel, Cyprus, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan, South Korea:

Beate Stadel


Beate Zizelmann
Beate Stadel

Human Resources & Finances:

Steffen Hohaus

Marketing & Product Management:

Anke Boy
Ina Hiller
Valentin Teuffel


Caterina Graziosa

You can always reach us:

SPEICK Natural Cosmetics
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D 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Phone +49 711 16 13-0
Fax +49 711 16 13-100

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