Wikhart Teuffel, Managing Partner
Wikhart Teuffel, Managing Partner

Successfully sustainable

Our credo: Capable, dedicated management | a transparent, clear corporate structure | balanced financial resources | protection of the life-sustaining systems elements earth, air, water and light | responsible handling of energy, raw material resources, emissions and waste | social cooperation at the core of our business | regional thinking and fair trade with all our business partners | fair pricing policies.

Every company can benefit from addressing the subject of sustainable corporate governance, from the inside out. This interaction enriches the entire corprorate environment. In our experience, our company has gained intrinsic value in the public‘s perception as a result of these accolades and we have been well received in society for our sustainable activities.

For me personally, the accolades are an acknowledgement of our holistic corporate governance (social, ecological and economic). I am proud of this achievement, as are our employees. It strengthens the feeling of solidarity within the company.

These accolades build trust and confidence for our business partners and customers, and are confirmation of our sustainable standards. Our brand awareness, for example, has grown as a result of receiving the award from the German Federal Government, particularly among the value-driven buying public.

For me, our application for these awards was less about the fame and glory, and far more about raising awareness among our employees. They were closely involved with the application process with everyone working together to identify what is sustainable at our places of work. In this way our workforce became more motivated thanks to their new understanding of our holistic corporate governance. Of course, we‘re delighted about how the awards have positively affected our brand image in the public eye as well, especially as we are such a small company.

As a result of these accolades we have also been able to expand our networks, enabling us to get involved in a variety of committees for more sustainability in business.

Accountability for our actions is our company maxim. We have been living the principle of sustainability in all its facets for 89 years. Sustainability is our highest priority and forms the central focus of our daily activities. Meaning to us: "Being seen as a person; being given the opportunity to grow and to learn."

Wikhart Teuffel,
Managing Partner

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